Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Milking Of The Planet That Went Ape

Here's The Usual Gang Of Idiots taking on, and laying waste to, every Planet Of The Apes movie at the time ( except Battle, which presumably wasn't out yet, and who cares, 'cos it was rubbish ).
Arnie Kogen's script is spot on, while the incomparable Mort Drucker is so great, you actually have to stop and look, having always taken his greatness for granted.
Mark Evanier tells a brilliant story about Drucker in one of his books, by the way: Apparently, sometime in the '80's, Evanier was at a con and overheard a group of then hot young artists ( who I assume were Rob Leifield, Todd McFarlane and the like ) all loudly arguing about which one of them was The Greatest Comic Book Artist In The History Of The World Ever.
Evanier sidled over, and said: ' I've just been talking to the greatest comic book artist in the world.'
When this gaggle of fools puffed themselves up and demanded to know who he was talking about, Evanier pointed to Mort Drucker.
And shamefaced, they all muttered 'er...yeah...' and shuffled away...

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