Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Impossible Man Is Back In Town!

So here's the poop: The ever fabulous FF have just spent the last few issues teaming up with The High Evolutionary, in a protracted attempt to stop Galactus eating Counter-Earth. With all seemingly lost, the day is fially saved by ( of all people ) The Impossible Man, last and only seen in the pages of FF #11.
As a reward, Impy not only wants another day trip to Earth, but decides it'd be fun to star in his very own comic-book too. Guess which blushin' Bullpen he chooses to scribe his four colour adventures? Anyone who said Charlton leave the room now.

And here's Rascally with how it all came to be:

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  1. I see that Michele Wrightson was the colourist. Didn't realize that she and Berni had already married at that point (she was credited as Michele Brand only a year before at Warren Publishing). They parted ways in the 1990s.

    Chris A.