Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sgt. Rock: Medic... Medic!

Boy, did I miss out not buying the DC war books when I was a kid. Every time I read an issue of Sgt. Rock I'm amazed at what a classy book it was.
Frank Rock is a great, fully three-dimensional character with just enough mystery about him to stay interesting. He's a born leader who carries the burden of leadership and responsibility heavily, and even if the kind of stories he tells are quite often repeated and rejigged throughout the series, they're always tales worth telling and re-telling.
Here's a perfect example, with Bob Kanigher on script as always, Joe Kubert on a slight cheat of a cover, and Russ Heath doing a masterclass in storytelling. With that superb opening page, and stunning double page spread, it just gets better and better, as lighting, framing and facial expressions all work in service of the story. The best art you'll see today, bar none.


  1. I think there's a page missing, man!

  2. I understand completely. Let me say that I read your blog on a regular basis, and enjoy it greatly. It's one of the best comics blogs out there. Keep up the excellent work!

  3. Whoops, lost that comment there, sorry. Anyway, fixed now, thanks again. keep checking in, loads more great stuff to show off!

  4. I only bought the occasional war comic back in the day because I had super heroes on the brain. I finally did start reading some of them just before they all stopped publication, which made me regret that I didn't start sooner. I did find a few of the 100 pager Our Army At War issues later on.