Monday, 21 September 2015

Frankie Stein

Probably the most loveable of Monster Fun's inmates, Frankie Stein must've been extremely popular with kids, as IPC seemed to use him everywhere.
Starting in Wham! in 1964, the eternal nice-guy monster was resurrected ( arf! ) in the Bronze Age in short-lived weekly Shiver & Shake, staying on when that mag merged with Whoopee! ( great news next week, chums! ), finally settling as honorary editor of MF, years before another green skinned creature took charge over at 2000AD.
Frankie went through several formats too, from the regular strip here, to newspaper style 'silent' piece Freaky Frankie and breaking the fourth wall strip Frankie's DiaryFrankie's Fun Feature, Frankie's Freaky Fun Page, Frankie Presents Ticklish Allsorts, as well as probably several hundred more. This guy was big.
Wherever he appeared, he was great, a likeable, kind hearted big kid whose anguished creator, Professor Cube, spent every issue trying to kill him. He was drawn by several different artists, but the most memorable have to be Ken Reid, the prince of darkness behind Martha's Monster Makeup, and here, Robert Nixon, whose style defined kid friendly '70's fun.


  1. Frankie was a great strip, especially the original one in Wham! back in the '60s. The '70s one wasn't bad either. I've still got the Summer Special you show at the top of this post, the same one I bought way back then.

  2. Ah Summer Specials, those were the days...