Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bob Wakelin

King of the airbrush Bob Wakelin appeared in a few places during the Bronze Age, and he probably would've gone on to be, say, Britain's version of Richard Corben had he stayed in the business. He had strips in Heavy Metal, British Underground Pssst! and these two pieces in Epic.

He was also the keyboard player in one of my favourite '80's bands that never made it but should've, Modern Eon ( look 'em up on youtube, especially hit-singles-that-never-were Childsplay and Choreography ).
Bob apparently works in gaming design these days, which is our loss, but no doubt his bank managers' gain, but here's the stuff that made me a fan. And if you're gonna debut for Marvel, how great is it to have the infallible Archie Goodwin write your first script?


  1. He was in Modern Eon? I love their album, one of my favourites.

  2. Yeah, they should've been huge, shouldn't they?