Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Air Hawk

Air Hawk was a great newspaper adventure strip from Australia that ran from 1959 to 1986, and was all about Jim Hawk, a two-fisted charter pilot in the outback who just can't seem to stop getting involved in adventures.
As well as rock solid, exciting stories and brilliant artwork from John Dixon & Hart Amos, Air Hawk has the added bonus of it's setting: With it's vast, beautiful landscapes, Oz is the perfect modern Wild West for an adventurer like Jim to roam around in, getting mixed up with treasure hunters, escaped crims, and the like.
I also like the way everybody, up to and including our hero, looks a bit weatherbeaten and craggy. These are people who've clearly spent a lot of time under the outback sun.
There's also heaps of casual sexism, if that's your bag.

Here's a great story from the Bronze Age period of the strip.


  1. How did Gwen Stacy (of Spider-Man continuity) sneak into that first b&w panel? ;)

    The logo of the strip is intentionally modelled after Milt Caniff's "Terry and the Pirates" and "Steve Canyon," but so were many other fine picture strips. Fine drawing in these!


    Chris A.

  2. Struth! I totally didn't notice that was Gwen there. mind you, I can totally see a crossover where she & Captain Stacy, on holiday on Oz, rented Jim's plane for the week to see the outback and all sorts of trouble ensued...

  3. I must have been asleep when this reprints were issued - any idea how many were published?

    And a belated thanks for Sub-Mariner #35 - a golden oldie from childhood that I've not seen in many years.

  4. Sorry, dunno, I think that cover's an Australian reprint. The scans are actually from the Menomonee Falls Gazette.