Thursday, 20 August 2015


As classicly french and as classicly Heavy Metal as it's possible to be, Jacques Lob & Georges Pichard's adaptation of Homer's fable may've got've a bit lost in the early issues of HM, surrounded as it was by the likes of Moebius, Druillet & Corben, but Ulysses is as good as all of them.
Lob's script sticks to the text, but it's Pichard's fantastically pervy art that really hooks you. The ad's for the lush Heavy Metal Presents reprint described the book thus:

Ok, Ulysses isn't as decadent and, again, pervy as the aforementioned Candice At Sea, but it comes close. The varied Gods & Goddesses who watch over, and interfere with, his quest to get home seem to have stepped out of a Jodorowsky or Fellini movie, and belong more to sexy sci-fi strips like Barbarella than any fantasy story. Plus phallic symbols and bouncing bosom's abound. But even if you don't like all that, this is still a great, entertaining strip. My favourite section is where Ulysses and his crew land on the island of drug-addled hedonist goddess Circe, and things get really weird, but let's save that one for later. Here's how Ulysses' journey begins. Hey, what's Iron Fist doing in the middle of all this?

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