Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Saga Of The Victims

The Saga Of The Victims ran in Scream, and was one of the best things Skywald and it's head honcho Al Hewetson ever did. Archaic Al always came up with great ideas, but was always more interested in mood ( The Horror Mood as he called it ) than logic in his stories. If it was weird and strange, that was enough for Al, it didn't have to make sense.
As a result, Victims deliberatly makes no sense at all, gets crazier and wilder with each suceeding page, never mind each installment, and the best thing to do is just let yourself go with it.
Our two heroines, Josey and Anne, don't go with it and fight the madness every step of the way, even though they have no more idea of what's happening than we do.
As a grindhouse feature in comic form, the girls look to be based on blaxploitation actress Teresa Graves and swedish hottie Britt Ekland:

Though they could just as easily be Pam Grier and Margaret Markov, then starring in a bunch of low-budget exploitationers like The Arena:

Victims was never finished at the time, Skywald going out of business before Hewetson could explain just what the hell was going on in his magnum opus, though he did get a chance to wrap things up years later in a one issue piece that properly ends the series. By all accounts, it comes to a bit of an unsatisfactory close, but I'm not sure I actually want an explanation, as that would dilute the absolute barking madness of it all. Some things are better left unsaid.


  1. Yeah, the ending as eventually published was not equal to the buildup by any means, but on the upside it made little sense anyway. What was great about Skywald was the crazed intensity of everything; you have to admire an editor who could maintain such a dedicated focus.

  2. Focussed unfocusedness, I'd call it, but yeh. Some of that Skywald stuff was pretty out there ( As I shall demonstrate... )

  3. Excelente y gracias totales por postear y dedicar un pequeño extracto de esta sensacional aventura que se encuentra en este blog y decir que la historia parece no concluir o terminar fué publicado en el Magazine Scream. Gracias y saludos desde Perú.................................