Monday, 17 August 2015

The Pea Green Boat

A nice little post-apocalypse romp, The Pea Green Boat was another short-lived occasional serial from Eerie, about a couple of guys who saw the way the wind was blowing, and headed out to sea just ahead of the impending holocaust.
With tough guy survivalist Al Greene, and nice guy optimist Eric 'Pussycat' Plusenkat ( yes, really ) sailing the waters of a world gone to hell, this almost feels like an early 2000AD strip that never was, and could've easily run for years. Weirdly though, writer Budd Lewis seemed to run out of ideas for such an open canvas, and the series only lasted three episodes. Maybe the readers didn't like it, I dunno.
Me, I loved it, and would've been happy if it'd continued, especially with Leopold Sanchez' realistic, but slightly twisted, art at the helm.

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