Monday, 31 August 2015

The Occult Files Of Doctor Spektor

The Occult Files Of Doctor Spektor was a cracking little series from Gold Key that probably went unfairly unnoticed at the time.
Adam Spektor is a paranormal investigator, who's taken it upon himself to travel the world solving bizarre mysteries. He's a bit younger than contemporaries like Doc Strange, and seems a bit groovier and less formal, and also looks a bit like he should be appearing in a spaghetti western.
His ( hem hem ) 'secretary' is the brilliantly named Lakota Rainflower, a hot indian chick who, no matter how many monsters they come across, always insists there's a rational explanation for the creepy stuff happening.
For a secretary, Lakota never seems to do much filing, but as writer Don Glut never tires of reminding us, she's very definitely an Indian, her hot Apache blood rising at every sign of danger, which makes her a bit more feisty than the average helpless damsel anyway. Plus, she wears rawhide go-go boots, de rigeur for every Bronze Age Injun chick I should think.
Don has fun with the premise, turning Spektor into a werewolf at one point, as well as tying him into chronology in one story where he's revealed to be the descendant of Dagar The Invincible, the sword & sorcery series Glut & artist Jesse Santos were also doing for Gold Key.
Santos is the star of the show, and he had a really interesting back story. Apparently, he'd tried for years to break into the American comics market, before going back home to the Phillipines and working in the small, but prolific field there.
One summer, Gold Key editors Chase Craig & Del Connell went on holiday, and saw Santos doing street drawings for the tourists in the local market. Massively impressed with what they saw, they asked him if he'd ever thought of doing comics...

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