Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My Love

I'm absolutely fascinated by Marvel's Bronze Age Romance books, for the obvious reason that I never even glanced at them back in the Bronze Age. But take this issue as an example: herein we have John Buscema, Frank Giacoia, Gene Colan, John Romita AND Jim Steranko.
Most of these guys cut their teeth on romance books, and could do them in their sleep, meaning you have some of the best art you never saw right here.
The Marvel love stories ( at least the ones written by Stan ) generally follow one of two patterns. Either the female lead is a selfish mare in need of a life lesson ( as in this first story ), or she's one of love's casualties, with a broken heart and no self-esteem, whose life will only be complete if Drake or Jim or Carl glances her way and actually notices her. Even though she's drawn by John Romita and is therefore stunningly beautiful.
Stan's scripts are much like his superhero stories, being completely over the top, pitched at an absolute high of fraught emotion, and you're usually exhausted when you've finished an issue.
And, as an added treat, you can always look at them in line with Marvel continuity. The girl in the first story, for instance, is obviously Chili from Millie The Model, while the black kid in trouble with the law in the last tale? 'Skip' Nelson? The Falcon as a youngster, stand on me.


  1. Lovely art here Pete. You're right we missed out on some great issues. But "Romance" just wasn't high on our reading agenda:)

  2. More fool us, eh? BTW did you enjoy Pantha ( and Garth )?

  3. You must have been getting carried away with the story while scanning - the Steranko story's missing Page 4....

  4. Scanned this one ages ago and forgot to check it before posting. Fixed now, thanks.

  5. Just reading Garth at the moment,great fun! "Pantha" arrived before I got home from Lakes. Lovely to see it in print.Thanks for the heads up:)

  6. This is such a great issue, even though the three stories are reprints. Until I can get myself a copy of Our Love Story #5, this one will certainly do!