Saturday, 8 August 2015

Marvel Quiz Show!

A quick couple of heads ups: For those who missed it, or aren't in the UK,  vaguely cerebral BBC quiz show Mastermind had a contestant last night whose specialist subject was... Marvel!
Hie thee over to the BBC iplayer and watch it yourself, so I won't spoil it for you all, except to say: Our gang all got the same question wrong as Dashin' Dave ( as he would obviously love to be called ), and thank Crom they've stopped famously patronising host / arse John Humphries from chatting with the guests about their specialist subject. You can just imagine it: 'So...comics... they're for children, aren't they...?'
Oh, and Sean sent me the missing page of yesterday's Mary Perkins domestic violence story, so if you thought you wouldn't be interested in a 'soap opera' newspaper strip, there's now no excuse not to read Mary.


  1. That was a bit tougher than the Punk one last series, not much though.

  2. Dead easy other than the one we all got wrong, I reckon. When Dashin' said 1961 to 1980 I thought we'd be in trouble, but like the rest of us, he was clearly only buying DD, X-Men & Epic by that point...

  3. Dawgnabbit, can't access BBC iplayer in these parts...giz a couple of examples of the questions asked!

    (And by then I wasn't even buying Epic)

  4. OK, saw it...which one did we all get wrong? I didn't know the copy line on the cover of Superman Vs Spider-Man

  5. We got the vampire one wrong, I said Morbius, everybody else said Blade. Hey, Dashin' got it wrong too.