Monday, 10 August 2015


Here's a wonderful, but all too short, series from Joe Kubert, that ran in just three issues of Showcase in 1969, then returned as a back-up in Hawk, Son Of Tomahawk a couple of years later. It came out just a year before A Man Called Horse, and tells a similar story, as a white boy is raised as an Indian brave.
With a title like I don't belong here...I don't belong there! and bearing in mind the year this came out, it's obvious that Kubert, who wrote and drew, was going for the youth counter-culture demographic.
Just as he did with Tor, Joe is keen to tie his historical hero into the modern day, his ' declaration of intent ' midway through the book basically saying: Hey kids, Firehair is YOU!
But the analogy isn't too forced and, in essence, it's just a rollicking good western. Here's Part 1.


  1. Andy is Joe's youngest son, and he was about the age of the wee lad on the cover. I teach at the school, and brought this issue in, asking Andy if Firehair were based on him. He blushed, but remains in denial---but we know better!

    Alec Stevens

  2. Excellent! Didn't know that-that makes Firehair even better.