Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Winnie The Witch

As I say, I love a mystery title with a cackling horror host or hostess, and Charlton had a graveyard full of 'em. To me, it doesn't matter if the actual stories are a bit lame, as long as the framing sequences are good and the host is fun.
Winnie The Witch was sort of a presenter without portfolio, appearing in every Charlton mystery book at one time or another. Ok, she has the single unscariest name any horror host ever had, but she does look good in a miniskirt, which is presumably why the artists preferred drawing her over Mr. L. Dedd, Dr. Graves or Mr. Bones.
She's a hip and groovy practitioner of the black arts, constantly calling the readers 'swingers' in a way that suggests her dialogue was written by an out-of-touch white male over the age of 40, and if she doesn't pop up in the actual stories as much as you'd like, it is fun to see how cleverly the artists insert her in the page layout for no other reason than that she looks cool. Take, for instance, her first appearances here from Steve Ditko and Pat Boyette. As well as a rare starring role for Winnie, and a just as rare team-up for the Charlton horror hosts as she hangs out with Midnight Tales' Professor Coffin & Arachne.
Note also here, the strangest Bronze Age ad ever run in any comic of the time, far creepier than any of the stories, and one that Winnie probably should've introduced as well.

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