Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Vampire Circus

Another great move adaptation from House Of Hammer, this time it's Brian Bolland actually improving on the film that featured a vampiric David Essex lookalike alongside Dr Who assistant Romana.
This is as good as anything Bolland did for 2000AD or later, DC. It's like he started out great and then just stayed great. Makes you sick, dunnit?


  1. Great to see this again as I had forgotten all about this strip, just a pity Bolland does so like actual comic strip work now. I used to get HoH every month it was a great book (and I'm not a Hammer film fan) with some amazing strips I particularly recall an amazing John Bolton "Curse of the Werewolf" strip ( based on the Oliver Reid film) great stuff

  2. Brian Bolland's eyesight is so bad now that he only draws on the computer at a very enlarged size. Bernie Wrightson and Michael Golden are in the same boat. Sad when that happens, especially to top talents! At least the technology allows them to carry on, albeit at a slower pace.

    Chris A.