Friday, 17 July 2015

Tim Conrad's Conan

Here's a gorgeous early Conan piece from Tim Conrad, from Savage Sword, obviously channeling Barry Smith ( even blatantly swiping in one panel ), but that still stands up as something a bit special.
I loved Conrad's work on Almuric, and this has that same feel, especially his patented snarling, grotesque, almost cartoonish faces.
There's even a sort of pre-cameo as Toadswart, Tim's later character for Epic pops up, ( well, sort of ) and even if the anatomy is occasionally a bit wonky, being the work of a beginner, that's actually what I like about it.
Rascally Roy's script too, is mildly revolutionary, being mostly from the viewpoint of the wizard for once. File under lost classic.

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  1. and that penultimate RED panel…in a black and white magazine, yet