Monday, 6 July 2015

The Bog Beast

The Bog Beast was, fairly obviously, Atlas' version of Man-Thing / Swamp Thing / Marvin The Dead Thing etc etc etc. and appeared in a couple of issues of colour horror book Tales Of Evil and b/w mag Weird Tales Of The Macabre.
Apart from being saddled with an deeply unfortunate name for this side of the pond ( 'Bog' being slang for lavatory / toilet over here ) and in fact looking not unlike a giant walking turd, I thought this particular generic monster had a glimmer of promise.
The set-up is mildly unusual, for instance. This time, the hideous creature is actually a scientist from a subterranean society, come up to the surface to study us humans. Of course, The Bog Beast can't speak english and so can't make himself understood, leading to him being perceived as, well, you know the rest.
Apart from Jack Sparling on the first episode, it was drawn by Axa / Modesty Blaise's Enrique Badia Romero, so looked great, even if the stories don't make a vast amount of sense.
Here's Enrique's first story, along with the unpublished piece that would've appeared in Tales Of Evil #4, but that eventually turned up in an Australian reprint. Like I say, The Bog Beast was going places in my opinion, even if it was only back underground.


  1. I'm one of those folk that liked Atlas comics even with all their faults and Bog Beast was one of the better characters (along with the Destructor , Wulf and the Scorpion) Was good to see the "Weird Tales Of The Macabre" tale again as I had forgotten this one , very nice art as well.-

  2. This is something else I must get around to reading. I'm halfway through the Hunter run in Eerie that you posted awhile ago. I had a copy of the collected special and must say it is excellent.

  3. I absolutely love Hunter, HD, Hunter 3 on the way!
    And definitely, Paul, as much as I ( quite rightly I think ) slag off stuff like Ironjaw & Phoenix, Atlas did have a few characters that could've stood the test of time, like all the ones you mentioned. They weren't THAT bad, all told.