Friday, 24 July 2015


From The Illustrated Roger Zelazny, here's Shadowjack, a prequel to Roger's 1971 fantasy novel Jack Of Shadows, which I ridiculously still haven't got around to reading, considering how much I like this character.
This tale, like all of The Illustrated Zelazny is drawn by Gray Morrow, which means it's completely gorgeous. As well as being obviously a great artist, Gray was one of the greatest costume designers and colourists in comics and book illustration, something that's patently obvious here.
As I say, Shadowjack's a great character, and really should've had a comic book career. He would've fit nicely in DC's Sword Of Sorcery actually, had that title lasted any length of time.
Here's Zelazny's introduction to his world, followed by Jack in action.

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