Friday, 3 July 2015

Run For The Stars

Back when Harlan Ellison didn't actually mind being referred to as a science-fiction writer, he wrote a series of loosely connected stories about a war between Earth and an alien race called The Kyban, each one looking at different incidents and characters from the conflict.
The most famous of these is probably Demon With A Glass Hand, adapted into one of the best episodes of the original Outer Limits TV show, and into a DC graphic novel by Ellison and Marshall Rogers ( which I'll put up here at some point ), but Epic also had a go at a few, in the hands of Ken Steacy.
The best one is this one, Run For The Stars, that has a fantastic set-up you wish you'd thought of yourself, and wonderful painted art from Steacy. His slithery, twisty anantomy and colouring is perfect for this tale, which grabs you by the throat and takes you into absolute pulp sci-fi heaven...

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