Monday, 20 July 2015

Rex Havoc And His Asskickers Of The Fantastic

Re-packaged and re-released as Raiders Of The Fantastic ( because, as we all know, Jim Warren loved getting us to pay for the same material twice ), Rex Havoc originally ran in 1984, and isn't quite as dumb as I remember it.
Which is not to say it isn't exceedingly dumb, as dumb in fact as it's star, but at least it knows it. Whereas Rex barely knows which shoe to put on.
Musclebound moron Rex Havoc is as thick as a whale omelette, but he loves to beat up monsters, so travelling the world investigating horror movie parodies with the aid of his crack team of asskickers is the ideal job, especially as they do most of the work anyway.
Imagine Doc Savage crossed with Hong Kong Phooey written by Forry Ackerman and you're just about there. The only real problem with it is that it feels a lot like someone is repeatedly telling you a joke and you keep having to say: I get it, I get it already.
This, the first story, is by far the best and funniest, before writer Alabaster Redzone ( actually Jim Stenstrum ) and artist Abel Laxamana decided to see how far they could stretch such a flimsy premise in further, much less sucessful outings.


  1. And it was Rex Havok that resulted in the animated movie Monsters vs. Aliens—after Dreamworks tossed aside everything about it that they'd optioned. (And that cover art, BTW, is by Doc Savage cover painter Bob Larkin.)

  2. Rex was optioned?!! Didn't know that.