Monday, 8 June 2015


Zora ( or Zora & The Hibernauts ) was a breathtakingly beautiful serial that ran in Heavy Metal in 1982and was by Spanish artist Fernando Fernandez ( although some credit E-Man's Nic Cuti as writer, maybe he did the translation, I dunno ).
It's like Gray Morrow and Boris Vallejo collaborated on an episode of Axa, and in many ways is the archetypal HM serial, containing as it does, a plethora of beautiful, topless women and a story you can really write yourself.
Nothing that happens will come as any surprise to anyone who's read a lot of this kind of thing, as we all have. You'll know who the aliens Zora's looking for are by the end of the third page, and what will occur between her and them by the fourth, but that doesn't matter. It really is all about the visuals, and they're gorgeous. Here's the first few episodes.

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