Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Horizon Seekers

The Horizon Seekers was a wild little Eerie series, that started out like every other post-apocalypse saga, but then went in some very strange and dark directions. It was written by Superman's Cary Bates, clearly tired of writing nice, safe, family friendly DC stories ( because as mad as Bronze Age Supes got, it was always a 'huh...?' kind of insanity, not the 'What the f**k?!' kind seen here. )
Cary's scripts were helped immeasurably by the art of Leo Duranona, whose style I always found nauseating, but utterly compelling. Like El Cid's Gonzalo Mayo, Duranona's art always makes me feel a bit queasy, and his view of humanity seems to be that of a pit full of worms, all writhing over and around each other.
The ending is a bit of a misfire, but before you get there, you're privy to easily some of the creepiest, flesh-crawlingest imagery you've ever seen. Here's the whole thing.

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