Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Arabian Knights

I don't know about anybody else, but my favourite cartoon segment of The Banana Splits was always The Arabian Knights, a team of superheroes in all but name.
The Knights never had much of a comic book career, only appearing in two issues of Gold Key's unwieldingly titled Hanna Barbera Hi-Adventure Heroes back in 1969.
The first story is a bit of a swizz and a wasted opportunity, even for a comic ostensibly aimed at kids. Acrobatic Prince Turhan takes centre stage, meaning everybody else is relagated to chorus roles: Fariik doesn't get to do any magic, Nida doesn't get to wear any disguises, Raseem doesn't get to show off his super strength and nobody pulls Zazuum the donkey's tail. And as if all that wasn't disappointing enough, at no point does Bez get to shout: 'Siiiize of an Elephant!'

By the 2nd issue however, Gold Key have wised up and everybody gets to do their party tricks, and it's all much more like the show, which is after all what we paid for.
There's elements of Ernie Colon in the artwork here, though I'm sure it's not him, but wouldn't a full scale Arabian Knights by Ernie've been great? Him or Alex Toth anyway.


  1. I totally agree Pete! This was a great series for kids back then along with Shazzan. I always loved the sound effects used for the magic. Great nostalgia ,thanks for sharing:)

  2. I used to love this on Banana Splits, I found Danger Island frightening. There was that short lived family who miniaturised which could have been better and the 3 Muskateers was boring. While I'm here I can recommend The Aquabats Supershow a recent kids programme that is just amazing.

  3. Yeah, Fantastic Voyage with the team leader who looked like Reed Richards crossed with Nick Fury. Must find me some of that.