Monday, 22 June 2015

Rick O'Shay: Hipshot's Cat

Recently been reading Rick O'Shay, Hipshot & Me, Stan Lynde's autobiography / best of tome, which as you can see, not only features Stan's typically warm-hearted memoirs, but ten full stories from his magnificent Western strip set in the old frontier town of Conniption.
One of the tales not featured is this one, where supercool gunslinger Hipshot Percussion takes centre stage. Lynde was a master at balancing drama and comedy, as here when a bunch of low down rattlesnakes steal Hipshot's feline friend, Belle Star. Man, are they gonna regret that.


  1. I remember Rick O'Shay from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... But, I will never Forget!! It is, was "America" as it should be!! The People are Real, the stories are true, to say they are fiction is to deny reality!! Stan brings forth the personalities of all the characters from not only his mind but also his Heart!! Love it... a "Pistolero" who has a heart of gold to have a cat for a companion and she is named "Belle Starr!!" I have just aquired a little grey and white female furball cat today from a friend that couldn't keep her..... her name is guessed it... "Belle Starr!!!"

  2. Cheers, Skybill, couldn't've said it better myself.

  3. Hi Pete!!
    If ya' really want to know what's "Goin' on" never mind the "front Page" go to the "Comix Page!!" e.g. "The wizard of Id"...Then,there was Gary Tredeaux(Dunesberry) got "Uncle Duke" made into a ZOMBIE!! We would take every day's strip, cut it out of the paper and post in on our tack board next to the previous!!!! (Where I was working then!!) 'Duke's persona "Had" to be Hunter S. "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" Thompson!!!!!! Going back a bit.. the tumultious 60's and the "Underground Comix" with writers like "Art Crumb" and his "Characters!!" Like my new kitty,"Belle Starr" ... back on Christmas eve of 1994 I heard a "scratching" at my door, I opened it and there wa this about 6 mo. old Black Female Cat looking up at me and she said,"Meow! I'm Moving In!!!!' From Rob's Characters.... welcome "Angel Food McSpade!!!" Angel Food was with me thru thick and thin for 19 years. Lost her to Kidney Failure!!!
    There ya' have it, we're off and running!! 'Have in my archives... cutouts fro newspapers of favored cartoon strips!! eg..The first time Snoopy went after the "Red Baron!!!" What a rush!! I often wonder if Charles was on to when he penned that "Encounter!!???!!!"
    I'm standing by,
    Blue skies,