Monday, 29 June 2015

Major Eazy

Been a while since we checked out Major Eazy, and I didn't have full strips to show off before, so let's have another look at Battle Picture Weekly's laziest, deadliest slacker soldier.
As played by James Coburn, Eazy belongs to that '70's filmic tradition of modern day heroes incongruously popping up in World War 2 stories.
Like Donald Sutherland in Kelly's Heroes, Eazy is a man from 1976 transplanted into 1943, with no one batting an eye.

He's also a bit Clint Eastwood, as seen when writer Alan Hebden here rips off the barber scene from High Plains Drifter.
This was one of Carlos Ezquerra's first major British strips, and it's all wonderful stuff, already showing the chops that'd make him a fan favourite in 2000AD. Here, he's also clearly influenced by Hugo Pratt, Eazy looking not unlike a scruffier Corto Maltese.
So, James Coburn, Clint Eastwood and Corto Maltese. If you're going to come up with a new tough guy war hero, them's not bad influences to have.


  1. Nice one; thanks a lot, Pete - you just made my day!

    I actually liked Hebden and Ezquerra's short lived El Mestizo from Battle even more, although its much less remembered, so even less likely to get a reprint (despite anticipating Django Unchained by decades!)
    I suppose its too much to expect you might have one or too episodes lurking around somewhere...?


  2. Unfortunately not, Sean, which is a shame as it looks like a great strip. There are 3 pages on tho'

  3. There are some amazing Major Eazy covers. I have a few stashed away that I would never sell.