Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Frank Brunner's Duckaneer

Here's the strip that convinced Star*Reach publisher Mike Friedrich there was money in them there ducks, starting short-lived adult funny animal book Quack! solely to get this great little piece into print.
At this point, Frank Brunner was still slightly chafing at not being allowed to write / co-write Howard The Duck, wanting to put out his own version that he could legally own, and Friedrich bit his hand off when offered the strip.
So what you have here is sort of a missing issue of Howard, complete with Beverly Switzler clone, but lacking Steve Gerber's unique worldview. You do miss Gerber, but Brunner is on blistering form here and Duckaneer would fit nicely in between Howard's #1 & 2. Here it is, along with both men's introduction.


  1. I have always wanted to read this strip having only ever seen snippets in fanzines before so thanks for showing it here, excellent stuff, Im amazed Marvel never sued them it really is a "Howard the Duck" tale in all but name (who I suppose is not a far cry from Donald) I agree its great art but story is not a patch on Mr Gerbers work,

  2. Yeh, Gerber doing pirates would've been great.

  3. I own the Original art. Its a GREAT story.

    1. All of the pages? Wow, what an incredible thing to possess!