Monday, 1 June 2015

Breakdown On The Starship Remembrance

Here's a typically gorgeous piece from Craig Russell, from Night Music, a collection of short stories that was one of the early publications from the late, great Pacific Comics, coming out in 1979.

Breakdown On The Starship Remembrance, apart from having one of the all-time great titles, is a little bit Ray Bradbury and a little bit Jim Steranko, but wholly Russell, with visual nods to his early work on Killraven, and seems more than a little bit autobiographical.
In 1996, Craig did a similar story with Neil Gaiman, One Life-Furnished In Early Moorcock, that like this one was, in part, about growing up loving the worlds of fantasy and science-fiction.
That's the thing about Russell, he really means it. Pretentious? I guess, but he can get away with it.


  1. Yeah, it IS a bit pretentious, but that's ok because it looks totally fantastic.
    At least its not based on an opera:)

    Erm.... I'm afraid I'm going to be the kind of pedantic git who says wasn't it originally published by Eclipse? Sorry about that.
    I have a black and white version - maybe Pacific did a later colour reprint?


  2. My bad. These scans are from a later colour Eclipse reprint, but of course the original was Eclipse too. Dunno what happened there, but I always get Eclipse, Pacific and First mixed up as the same company!

  3. I know what you mean.
    Night Music and the original Sabre were the first independent comics I ever got, and I was slightly disappointed about the way that the regular comic book quickly became the standard format for those (then) new publishers.
    It all got a bit samey.