Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Complete Apeslayer Part 1

Off on my hols for the week, so here's something meaty to be getting on with.
As promised, here we go with the first part of the complete, no-you-didn't-imagine-it Apeslayer. For those who came in late, or haven't read previous posts, Apeslayer was either the nuttiest or greatest idea British Marvel ever had, depending on your point of view. It's certainly the most notorious.
Realizing that the UK Planet Of The Apes Weekly was very quickly going to catch up with the stories in the American monthly, and therefore run out of new material to print, somebody decided to adapt Killraven into the book, by the simple expedient of redrawing all the martians into apes, and changing all the character's names to ape-centric ones.
Apeslayer ran nearly all the way up to when Craig Russell joined War Of The Worlds, by which time they'd caught up with the POTA monthly, and could carry on with the all-new Kingdom On The Planet Of The Apes.
So Apeslayer became this strange little interlude we all thought we'd dreamt, until years later when we all realized how we'd, sort of, been taken in. God knows what the original artists, like Howie Chaykin and Herb Trimpe thought of it all, if they even knew, but I for one, loved Apeslayer at the time, and I still kind of wish someone would do some original strips with him.
So here's the Chaykin issues to begin with. If you want to see the rest of this epic saga, well, you know what to do.


  1. I wonder if they considered other strips for the Ape treatment? The property was that hot and the kids wouldn't have cared they could have gotten away with pretty much anything.

  2. I'd have loved to have seen them rework Star Wars as a Planet of the Apes strip. It would've been the greatest thing ever.