Thursday, 14 May 2015

Black Widow & Supergirl Trailers

One of these is a parody. One is these is genuinely going to make it to series. OMG.

I really, really want to be fair. I think the 2nd season of Arrow is a huge improvement on the first, and I think The Flash is the single greatest DC translation to film so far, and there were bits in this I did like.
But Supergirl as a rom-com? With the cliche gay best friend and an equality & diversity Jimmy Olsen?
Crash. And indeed Burn.


  1. A Supergirl rom-com? Why not? Let's face it, no-one's ever really managed to get an angle in any iteration of her comic book that lasted long....and frankly, even if they had, when do TV/movies ever follow the source material (imagine the outcry if they took the same liberty with Shakespeare)?

    I didn't mind that trailer...might even convince me to give the show a long as it doesn't descend into 60s Batman camp, it might make a break from all the grim'n'gritty cine-adaptations so far.

  2. Oh I'll watch it, I'm sure-it's just a little too far in the other direction from grim and gritty for me.