Friday, 1 May 2015

Night Of The Jackass

An utterly jawdropping series from Eerie, Night Of The Jackass is like Night Of The Lving Dead, as written by David Cronenberg, if he'd been a fire and brimstone preacher.
Set deliberately in a buttoned up previous age, Jackass is about a drug that cancels out all sexual and societal repression in it's users, and causes blood-drenched, apocalyptic riots amongst the poor of the city, who are the drug's main customers.
As each episode continues, the violence becomes more horrifying, mostly because of the glee with which it's perpetrated, and it's astounding that even Warren got away with a series like this. Don't get me wrong, you'll have read gorier strips, but you won't have read nastier.
Writer Bruce Bezaire didn't do many things for Warren, maybe thinking he'd said everything he wanted to say about the human animal with this uncompromising view of society.
But Jackass couldn't really top it's first three episodes anyway, and any more would be diminishing returns really. In the last story, where our two survivors / anti-heroes seem to have solved the problem and eradicated the drug, it's suggested that everything will be alright now, and society will go back to behaving itself again. This is, obviously, a lie.
Here's the first two episodes.

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  1. Canadian-born Bruce Bezaire told me he was diagnosed with brain cancer towards the end of his Warren run, and prayed to Jesus Christ for healing---and he was indeed healed---instantaneously! Needless to say, he left off writing horror comics and concentrated on his artwork. Back in the early '90s Bruce did a few Christian comics featuring a native American character called DAN RED EAGLE, but otherwise he is an academic realist painter, and has recently written a scholarly treatise on aesthetics, besides teaching art at a university level.


    Alec S.