Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Many Ghosts Of Doctor Graves

The Many Ghosts Of Doctor Graves was another of Charlton's mystery books, that occasionally presented some extremely wild stuff in it's run. Doctor M. T. Graves ( stop you're killing me ) was a supernatural investigator who introduced each issue's tales, and usually turned up in the last story, having been called in to investigate that month's Haunted House or possessed cat or something.
Graves looked more than a little bit like a certain Sorceror Supreme, a fact that obviously didn't escape Steve's Skeates & Ditko, when they produced this wonderful, mind-snapping epic for issue 12.
Just about the only thing missing here, apart from the costume, is that Graves doesn't get to say Curse me for a novice at any point.

And here's Ditko and Graves again, this time in his narrator role, but just marvel at how Steve inserts the good Doctor skillfully and spookily into every page. Brilliant stuff.


  1. Charlton did some really nice comics with wonderful art and fun stories over the years and this is one of them - Some great Ditko artwork here - I would love to have seen Ditko doing more Dr Strange around this time. Great stuff thanks for sharing.

  2. Considering they only printed comics to keep the presses rolling inbetween cereal boxes and sheet music, Charlton did come out with the odd gem, for sure. Tons more Charlton to share...