Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Stewpot's Fun Book

I'd feel fairly secure in saying I'd be probably the only person who remembers this one, but let's see.
Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart was a Radio 1 DJ and ubiquitous face on '70's UK TV who had what must've been the lamest catchphrase ever: 'Mornniing!' and who reached a height of fame sufficient to allow this vanity project from Look-In, his very own fun book. 'Fun' being a word used here in it's loosest definition, as you'll see.
This is another one of those things I bought while on summer holiday because there weren't any real comics around ( nope, not even Alan Class comics! ), and the strips herein are about as teeth-grindingly, arse-clenchingly unfunny as any you've ever seen.
But what they do have is Trevor Metcalfe's gorgeously old fashioned cartoon style, making them beautiful to look at, even when you want to hurl the script across the room.
Plus Denis Gifford, Britain's longest serving comics historian, is involved, and I just can't bring myself to be mean to Denis Gifford.


  1. He did do Junior Choice though which in my opinion makes him untouchable. That said, when he left Tony Blackburn took over and did a stellar job helped with a 'woof woof from Arnold'. This was followed by Edmunds as I'm sure many here will recall with Captain Beaky and Dingley Dell etc an era of radio never to be surpassed.

  2. I had this book! It was given to me as a present but it did help me out of a bind. We had to write a funny story in 1st year English and I was stuck for ideas, so I cribbed the ideas from Jokak and The New Stewvengers. Thanks, Stewpot.

  3. We must be the only ones who had this one, Jeff. Glad I put this up, as we just lost Stewpot.

  4. Oh goodness, I remember this book fondly. Must have been the pictures although I still find the corny humour fun. One to read under the bedclothes (along with the Puffin Joke Book) with a home made torch - made from two batteries, sellotape, a torch bulb and a bit of wire. Thankyou for posting.

  5. Oh! I had this book in 1977, when I was twelve. The bit that stayed with me was the 'Hello, Dalek, well, hello, Dalek!' bit. Still makes me grimace whenever people say 'Weren't the 70's fun?!'

  6. But they were though, weren't they??