Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Misty Presents: Moonchild

As promised, here from Misty, is Pat Mills' UK version of Carrie or Audrey Rose, and it's a corker.
The art's by John Armstrong, an old hand in girl's comics, who has a great loose style which, even though you might like a bit more detail, you can't really knock. Plus you've got Joan Jett as the villain, which is cool.
You can't really call this a rip-off, as 'homages' like this were generally the score with UK weeklies, what with Judge Dredd going all Damnation Alley over The Cursed Earth. And what was Flesh if not perennial Sunday Afternoon movie The Valley Of Gwangi?
Mills takes the familiar tale, and adds some welcome Britishness, as shy teen Rosemary is bullied for her weird powers. In fact, take out the psychic phenomena, and this is an archetypal English girl's strip. Nobody suffered more than heroines in British girl's comics, and Misty readers would've endured the living hell Rosemary goes through on a daily basis, telekinetic powers or not.
By the way, for all old goths out there, there's no truth in the rumour that Stevenage's finest Fields Of The Nephilim cut their own disc Moonchild in tribute. But wouldn't it be great if they had?


  1. I know what you mean about rip o... sorry, homages; but that was something I really liked about the Mills/Wagner/et al stuff. There was something vaguely cheap about that, but they usually had a more bleak take on things than the source material and seemed to lack restraint. A great combination!

    Moonchild seems to have all the ingredients - that disciplinarian magistrate at the start is very Mills - but this is only the set up really, so hard to judge. Planning on posting more of this one at some point, Pete?


  2. Absolutely - always happy to post complete runs if enough people want to see them, so if you want the complete Moonchild, let me know.

  3. Hi ! I just discovered your blog ; it's great , Thanks !I am looking for that Moonchild color image at the top of the post; do you have it in better definition ? Thanks already ! jfmcd1