Sunday, 12 April 2015

Jeff Jones, Louise Simonson, Berni Wrightson & Bruce Jones Are All.... Hung Up

Here's a cracking little EC style murder tale from the 8th issue of Skywald's Nightmare, that comes with an all-star cast. It's by the mighty Bruce Jones, one of my favourite writers ever since I first saw his work in Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction.
As well as being a great yarn, with tight script and photo-realist art from Bruce, it has the added frisson that it stars Jeff Jones as the murderer, Berni Wrightson as one of his victims, and Louise Simonson as Jeff's mistress.
This particular group of friends got up to a lot of this sort of thing back in The Bronze Age of course. For instance, if you check out Swamp Thing's original appearance in House Of Secrets #92, you'll spot Berni as the hero, Mike Kaluta as the villain and Louise as the imperiled heroine who also gets the cover shot.

Not sure who Mary is in this story though. Unless it's Mary Skrenes, who did Omega The Unknown with Steve Gerber?


  1. Pretty sure that is, yes, Mary Skrenes. She was in the crowd with all those guys back in the day. She came with Gerber and Martin Pasko to the first big con I ever attended, in Cincinnati. I can't believe I have no memory of this story. I even wrote an article about Skywald mags for BACK ISSUE a couple years ago and re-read most issues at that time.

  2. Booksteve! Yeah, I was stunned when I came across this one - Very unexpected but welcome.