Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hunter 2

How do you bring back a popular character when you've made a big deal about killing him off, without using that old: He escaped / it was a dream / he was actually a Skrull excuse?
You do a sequel about a character with the same name of course.
Hunter 2 is set some time after the original Hunter series, and is a slightly different beast than it's predecessor, Hunter being about a vengeance driven loner single-handedly wiping out a world full of post apocalyptic mutants. It was as mean and tough and black-hearted as it's protagonist and is one of Warren's best remembered series.

Hunter 2 takes the idea in a whole new direction, being by comparison a kind of Tolkeinesque fantasy quest, albeit one where the magic is actually long-forgotten science and the demons are actually mutants. And though it has the same edge of darkness all Eerie series had, it's a little more hopeful that things will work out alright, and has a new Hunter who's more Luke Skywalker than Frank Castle.
The first chapter here is a little exposition heavy, but stick with it and you'll be rewarded by more fantastic Paul Neary art, some rollicking good gory action, and the return of an old friend from another Eerie series.
Hunter 2 is easily as good as it's inspiration, and is a neat way of continuing the franchise, though I could never figure out why Karras Hunter felt the need to strap on his predecessor's helmet, it having no practical or mythological use whatsoever. Maybe just because it looks cool.


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  2. It seems that the legend of Demian Hunter is known to the Exterminator.

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