Friday, 10 April 2015

Flash Gordon Meets The Cragmen Of The Lost Continent

Here's fun, courtesy of Alan Class' seemingly endless series of Bronze Age reprint anthologies, this one being Amazing Stories Of Suspense. Though, as Alan didn't believe in continuity, could've equally appeared in any of his books. It also comes with, as was always the case in Class comics, printing that's rougher than a bulldog's tongue, but that will instantly transport you back to your summer holidays in the '70's. And by the way, these are All Astonishing Tales, which is good to know.
It's originally from the King Comics series, and is by Bill Pearson & Reed Crandall, though I spotted a few Wally Wood poses here and there, and it doesn't look like a full Crandall job, so who knows.
Regardless, let's join Flash, Dale & Dr. Zarkov as they embark on a walking tour of Mongo. Let the adventure begin...

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  1. I prefer reading Ditko in Alan Class than any other format. I really dislike the use of glossy stock and high quality colour on Ditko reprints. The quality gets pretty dire just after the pre decimal copies but the early issues are wonderful. Those 100 page issues at the end of the runs are toilet paper bad.