Friday, 13 March 2015

The Fantastic Four in: Rock Around The Cosmos!

Here's one of my all-time favourite FF stories from Rascally Roy Thomas' time on the book, a love letter to his teen years in the 1950's, in the same way The Invaders was rascally's paeon to the '40's.
After Kirby left the Fantastic Four, and Marvel, the book went through a bit of a fallow period, and by this point, Roy was ringing the changes, basically trying anything to spruce the FF up, and doing a pretty damn good job of it too.
Firstly, this was the period when Medusa had joined the team, while Sue Storm was off being all whitebread somewhere.
Medusa was simultaneously hotter AND cooler than dull old Sue. If Sue Storm was Millie The Model ( which she kind of was ), well, Medusa was Chili, and she definitely brought attitude and sex appeal to the team for the first time ever.
Also this was when the Torch got himself a spiffy new red costume, which at the time was massively exciting. ( Sounds silly, I know, but really, unless you were a kid in the Bronze Age, you have no idea how cool it was when a superhero got a new outfit. It was the same when Neal Adams re-designed The Angel. Simple things eh? )
Anyway, this is a great satirical swipe at the generation gap, and the era of bobby soxers and rock n' roll, with gorgeous Buscema / Sinnott art. It's all down to The Shaper Of Worlds, Marvel's version of red kryptonite, him being the perfect excuse for any kind of plot you like.
Here's part 1:


  1. You know this was my 1st ever Marvel comic right? So thanks for sharing it:) I still get gooosebumps every time I look at it,even after 42 years! You know the title is set to finish (again!!) at issue 645?? Don't know what they've got planned,not them:D

  2. I didn't know that! You mean first American one, yeah? Well, there you go, definitely have to post the next issue now.

  3. I was talking to Andrew the other day and I said how I came to Marvel and DC a lot later than the rest of you. I picked up tgis little beauty in a corner shop in Tooley Street,just before I moved to Haverhill:)

  4. Surprisingly or not, many Marvel fans agree with you regarding Medusa being hotter than Sue Storm! It makes one wonder why they did not dump Sue permanently when she walked out on the team back in the mid-1970's.

  5. Where else would she go though? I mean, no one would've bought Sue in her own series, would they...?

  6. You make a good point. The only place Sue could have gone would have been to Prince Namor.

  7. Subby & Sue!! They haven't done that yet? Opportunity missed there I reckon.
    I must be a few years younger than most of you guys. I read these in The Complete Fantastic Four Weekly, what a comic that was. FF #1 up and 134 up I think.