Friday, 27 March 2015

Doc Savage At British Marvel

Over here, we first encountered Pulp's greatest hero Doc Savage in the pages of reprint weekly The Super-Heroes, a catch-all jamboree of a title that also featured The Silver Surfer, The X-Men, The Cat, The Scarecrow and Giant-Man, among others, in it's roster.
We'd never read anything like Doc before, and loved him and his gang of kooky experts, particularly the Ben Grimm-esque Monk. I was also massively impressed with The Man Of Bronze's exercise regime, mainly because I knew there was no hope of me ever being that focused about anything.
I also loved the way Doc always called his pals 'Brothers'. In essence, he and his Fabulous Five are really a boys' gang, like Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn all grown up, always looking for adventures to go on and trees to climb.
This, the debut story reprinted from the US Doc mag, is still the best one, I think, with superb Buscema / DeZuniga art and of course, a great script from Doug ( I never slept in the Bronze Age ) Moench.
Just for fun, let's read The Doom On Thunder Isle the way we read it in The Super-Heroes, with the British covers and specially commissioned linking splashes for each episode. These covers are actually quite good, but the splashes are just as bland, though professional, as I remember them. Well, we can't all be John Buscema can we?
For the full effect, read each installment a week apart.


  1. I love me some Doc Savage, so you really grabbed me with this post! I never knew Doc was reprinted across the pond--should have known! I love your site 'cause I learn so much about British comics, they seem so cool!

    On another note, are you able to view CBS-TV's new drama, Scorpion? It's about a guy who's a genius in everything leading a bunch of specialist geniuses to save the world. To me, it's Doc and his Amazing Five updated and geeked out. I love it!

  2. If you liked that, groove, you're gonna love a bit I'm gonna do on British Marvel book The Titans, coming soon! And I'm also considering posting the whole of Apeslayer - anyone want that?

    Heard of Scorpion, but wasn't aware it was along those lines so will definitely check it out now. I have seen The Flash TV show though, and it's great - DC's movies may not be that great, and I gave up on Arrow, but they've finally got it right with The Scarlet Speedster!

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  4. I took pics of every centre page poster from Titans. I sold a few sets over the years and a few months ago I got a new set and thought right I'm doing it! I have all of the Spidey ones too just need to find the time. The last issue of Titans has a killer Sentinels cover. I've been trying to find a nm for years.

  5. Posting Apeslayer,? All of it? Yeah!
    And while you're at it, why not take a copy of the Essentials Killraven and rework the rest of it with ape heads and give us that too - at last, the Craig Russell Apeslayer that should have been!


  6. This second Doc Savage Comic was better than the first attempt.The stories were longer and Doc Savage lost that awful blue vest.Now,only if he lost the sponge hair James Bama have him.