Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Satana, The Devil's Daughter, wasn't the only sexy satanic strumpet of the Bronze Age, of course. It seemed like every comic company had to have at least one half-dressed saucy succubus, and Atlas' contribution was Devilina, who got two issues of her own mag before disappearing back into comic book oblivion.
She started off as the not-at-all Vampirella like Sorceress, in early Atlas house ads.

Before appearing in her own book, complete with an Alberto Pujolar painted cover that was mysteriously re-used years later for an issue of Vampi, and had very little to do with the contents of the book anyway.

As well as, of course, introducing the back up stories, Devi ( as I'm sure she'd like to be called ) had her own strip, and it's a little bit mad.
She's a bit more of a goody-goody than the ads promised, and not in the same league as Satana or Vampi, but she does have a big sword and a leather bikini, so y'know, we can afford to cut her some slack.
The intro piece seems to have been drawn by Ric Estrada while in the midst of some kind of fever dream, and looks like an underground comic, while the story follows no rhyme or reason, and events just happen, while scene changes occur indiscriminately. It's like a story, sort of, but not really.

By the 2nd issue, however, Ric's off the medication and things have settled down into a nice, pulpy vibe, with the ridiculousness of it all in full flower and the strip becomes a barrel of laughs, in the right way. I mean, if you can resist a title like Devilina Fights Corrupta in Curse Of The Ra Scarab, good luck to you, you've got no business being here.


  1. I have both of these, I seem to recall #2 having a rather good Flesh Gordon article? No one seems to care much though, same goes for Weird Tales Of The Macabre. I like 'em both.

  2. Proof that that there were some good Atlas books, yes. I always look at these as 2nd division Warren's.

  3. Thanks for showing these I used to have all Atlas/Seaboards comics (except Vicki which never seemed to appear in the Glasgow area and Gothic Romance cause I wuza bloke) and loved the black and whites,as you say the did do some really good comics with Thrilling Adventure being my favourite . I had forgotten all about this strip but will be looking it out again and some of the other Atlas b&ws that I foolishly got rid off - I really like Ric Estrada art here - as I recall Seaboard had a lot of top notch artists on their mags like John Severin, Toth, Neal Adams etc no pressure of course but perhaps a future blog???

  4. Definitely! All those in the pipeline, Paul.