Monday, 9 March 2015

Creature Teacher

More British stuff, now, as requested. These days, if you came up with a pitch that went: 'It's The Bash Street Kids, but written by H.P. Lovecraft', well, they'd bite your hand off, as well as any other available limbs.
Creature Teacher ran in Monster Fun, a kid's weekly that did exactly what it said on the tin ie. It was full of monsters having fun. Creature Teacher himself, as you'll see, was dragged up from Hell to take charge of Class 3x at Massacre St. School, the worst behaved bunch of kids in Monsterville.
It was drawn by Tom Williams, and is full of exquisite detail that unfortunately the printers of the time weren't always able to show off properly.
It's a bit weird, I s'pose, that this is a British strip where we're supposed to root for the teacher and not the kids, but the way this lot carry on, you wish Creature Teacher would have done with it, and just eat the little bastards.


  1. Yeah, I love this. Martha's Monster Make Up was great too for detail. I also really like Kid Kong and Teddy Scare (the name alone raises a smile) Hard to believe that there is still not a site with all (or at least more than a handful) of the Badtime Bedtime Books in their entirety. My favourite Punch & Chewday is here
    but they all should be available. I went through my 'near' full set the other day and had forgotten about the Dr Who one....Dr Poo. Genius. How Monster Fun failed I'm not sure. The dire use of a strip on the cover probably didn't help.

  2. I've got a handful of Monster Fun, so can cover a few of those like Kid Kong and Martha, absolutely, will do...