Sunday, 1 March 2015

Comic Book Mispronouncameations

Well, we certainly started something in the comments section there, with Tri-Gone Empire versus Trigunn Empire.
So far, we've had Dick Ayers pronounced Dick Hairs, Mike Ploog pronounced Mike Plogue, The Hulk saying  'Punny Human', and me calling Annihilus by the nom de plume Annie Hill-Us.
So what else did we all misspronun...massprenin....say wrong when it came to creators and character's names?
Well, I only recently found out that it's Doug Mensk, and not Doug Mench, as I've always said it, though as that's close to Mensch, a Jewish word for 'a person of integrity and honour', hey, take it as a compliment, Doug.

For years, we all called Big John & Our Pal Sal by the surname Bus-See-Ma. It's actually Boo-Sem-Ah, like Steve Buscemi, or so I'm told.

Here's an easy one. Herb Trimp? It's Herb Trimpey.

And here's a toughey. Bill Sign-Keh-Vitch, our gang all said when Moon Knight came out. Nope, it's Sin-Kev-Itch. That's a real serial killer smile you got going there, Bill, remind me to ALWAYS pronounce your name properly.

Len Wine? Nope, it's actually Len Ween, apparently. Which sounds dangerously close to Weenie, so poor Len must've had a tough time at school.

And what about characters? I think everybody disagreed with Jack Kirby, and called this guy Darkseed rather than Darkside.

What was it they said in the Thor movies? Mayul-Near? Nah, it's Muh-Jole-Near. Always was, always will be.

Oh, and I just remembered, I used to drive my cousin crazy, repeatedly telling him how much I liked CONN-An The Barbarian.

Late breaking news: Some people are now saying it's Doug Monk. Let's have done with it and just call him Doug, shall we?
Anybody got any more?


  1. You're onto a subject dear to my heart.

    For me, as a child, it was:

    The Sub Mareena

    John and Sal Buss Keema


    Awry was pronounced, "Awe-ri."

    I too pronounced puny as, "Punny."

    I never even dared to try pronouncing Annihilus.

    For me, it was always the Try-Gan Empire.

    Mike Esposito was Mike Espo-zee-toe.

    As for Dick Ayers. I do remember Flo Steinberg in that, "Voices of Marvel Comics," record pronouncing it, "Dick Gears."

    I still don't have a clue how to pronounce Gulacy, even though people have told me how to do it.

  2. I can't point to the issue, but I think there was a letters page where the response to the question of "How do you pronounce the name of Thor's hammer?" was something along the lines of Myol-ner. (Way before the movies, of course.)

  3. So many of these. But the first that comes to my mind is Magneto. It should be pronounced like magnet with an O on the end. Why Mag-Neato? I mean... the guy's like a human magnet - not a human magneat.


  4. Moon Knight was definitely a tricky book to talk about back in the day. Sienkiewicz became less of a problem once the Moon Roach appeared in Cerebus, but Moench was trickier...

    Hate to contradict you, Pete, but my understanding is its actually pronounced Monk. There you go - a bit of controversy for the comments.

    Darkside makes sense if you speak German - and Yiddish is pretty close to that, so it probably would have seemed obvious to Kirby - but I like the idea of a villain who's so devious there ISN'T an agreed correct pronounciation of his name.


  5. Spelling Bill's name was hard enough. Even now when listing on ebay I always double check and I must have typed it 100's of times Yeah, it's No room for maneuver there I'm afraid. Len Win for me, lazy reading I suppose. I seem to remember the word ploog being used a lot on Fank Zappa's Joe's Garage and it was def plooooog!

  6. Even Sienkiewicz seems unsure how to pronounce Moench:)

    So, yeah, Doug it is then.


  7. Hang on, it is Es-Po-Zee-Toe, isn't it??
    It's definitely Magnet-O.
    And Bill not being able to pronounce Doug's name? Is that, like, post-moderism eating itself?

  8. There was always the fear of reading the credits on a comic written by Fabian Nicieza, pencilled by Bill Sienkiewicz , inked by Frank Giacoia and lettered by Tom Orzechowski ... featuring Mr Mxyztplk !

  9. Yeah - how DO you say Mxyztplk?

  10. I always chicken out and, even though I know it's wrong, say Mixel-Pick. It sounds sort of Leprechaun-ish.
    It's the same with H.P.Lovecraft and Cthulhu. Fields Of The Nephilim used to sing it Cuttle-Oo-Loo, but I always go for Cuh-Too-Loo 'cos life's too short.

  11. I seem to recall that, in the Dean Cain Superman show, they used to pronounce it Mix-tipple-ick. Whether they sought expert advice before coming up with this pronunciation, I don't know..