Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Pantha was a back up strip in Vampirella, and was about a stripper who can turn into a panther.
I'll just let that sink in. A Stripper. Who can turn into a panther.
God, I miss Warren magazines.
Actually, this strip is much grittier than it's set-up suggests. What with her abusive parents, sleazy boss, soul-destroying job and all round hard luck, Pantha doesn't exactly lead the charmed life of a Supergirl or a Wonder Woman.
For a while, Pantha is a real New York street level strip, with Auraleon's scratchy, moody art a perfect accompaniment. Then it all goes a bit mad, involving reincarnation, ancient Egypt and Vampirella's home planet of Drakulon, Pantha then becoming Vampi's sidekick for a good long time.
Which is all fun, but it's the earlier, grungier stuff that sticks in the memory.


  1. That is just GORGEOUS art Pete! I've never heard of Pantha(natch!),but I'd love to get hold of a copy. It sounds like there were several adventures with this character. Must look it up on ebay:)

  2. Pantha ran ( arf arf ) for quite a while in Vampirella, Dave, but all the early stuff ( by Rafael Auraleon ) is in that Warren Presents: Pantha mag at the top of the post. Likely to be expensive though on ebay...

  3. Dynamite did a sweet hardcover collection of Pantha: Best of the Warren Years that appears to actually be ALL of the Warren material, both her back up stories and her appearances in Vampi's own tales. Can be had for under $20 shipped and well worth picking up.