Friday, 13 February 2015

Kung Phew / Kung Fooey / Kung Fool / Kung Fooey

Seeing as how the Bronze Age humour mags usually focused on the same movies and TV shows each month, have you ever compared and contrasted how each one parodied a specific show, like say Kung Fu?
Huh? What's that you say? Who's got that amount of free time? Hush your mouth.

That was John Severin of course, with his version for Cracked. Now here's Stu Schwartzberg & Mike Ploog, from the premiere issue of Crazy:

And here's Mad's take, courtesy of Dick De Bartelo & Angelo Torres:

And because we're gluttons for punishment, let's close with Crazy's second go at the same material, by Marv Wolfman, Marie Severin & Herb Trimpe. I'd say this one's got the best script, while Ploog's has the best art. How 'bout you?

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  1. Can't say I read many of those humour mags back then; Mad was ok, but generally their take on satire didn't really do it for me. Still doesn't, BUT - John Severin, Mike Ploog, Angelo Torres... wow. Big thanks for this one!

    Can see why you rate the Ploog as best artwork - his style always had a cartoony feel even in his horror stuff - but I'm quite taken by the John Severin. Love his work, but mainly know it through generic adventure comics like the Warrens, so great to see something different.

    Even liked the Trimpe. But of course, the Severins always did make him look good. Thanks again.