Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Conquering Armies

From the early years of Heavy Metal, when HM was a massively exciting visual package and not an obscure pretension fest, comes Conquering Armies. 
It was a series of translated french strips from Metal Hurlant founder Jean-Pierre Dionnet and artist Jean Claude Gal about a mythical, unstoppable force that, as the ad's said,  have 'never lost a battle but never won a war.'
Gal's art here is hyper detailed and beautiful, though never confusing, and is a textbook example of black & white as colour, while Dionnet's scripts are full of foreboding and mystery. For all the power at their command, these men are doomed.


  1. Fantastic! I still have my copy of the HM collected edition that I got when I was fourteen. Its a bit battered now, but the large size really shows off Gal's impressive work.

    Was excited to hear about the new Humanoids edition as it has more Armies in it, but...its smaller and - zut alors! - its been coloured! I know this sort of thing has been going for a while now, but do ALL comics have to be small and in colour these days?
    And - as often seems to be the case - the colour isn't even that well done.


  2. Completely ridiculous. Are today's fans so spoonfed they can't read in black & white? This stuff was designed to be read that way, for flip's sake.
    What next, The Steel Claw? Oh wait, they coloured that too... Ludicrous.

  3. You leave my hero out of this!! lol! Seriously though,this strip has amazing detail in most panels,and is reminiscent of Blasco (to me anyway)

  4. Just a quick heads up; the Swampmen book is finally out and it's superb and worth the 12 year wait.