Saturday, 24 January 2015


Finally located some primo examples of Enrique Romero's beautiful Supercats strip from girls' weekly Spellbound, detailing the adventures of space-travelling super teens Hercula, Fauna, Electra
There's not much to say for the stories, they do the job nicely enough, but the stories aren't why I read Supercats, and they're not why you'll read them. It's Enrique Romero we're here for.

Here's the thing though, this work might not even be by Romero. Apparently, Enrique's brother Jorge also did a ton of stuff for the British market under the name of Jorge B. Galvez, and it's next to impossible to find out who did what, particularly on this strip.
I'd say at a push, that the black & white story looks more like Axa, while the colour strip ( from one of the Diana annuals ) has subtle differences to Romero's style, but what do I know?
Originally, as you'll see from the colour pages, the gals were saddled with the distinctively un-groovy title The Fabulous Four. Thank god that didn't stick or they'd be even more obscure than they are now.

Both stories have incredibly stilted dialogue, suggesting they were badly translated from Spanish, but I think it's more likely they were done Marvel style ie. Romero had a basic script to work from that was then clumsily dialogued after. Axa was a bit like that too, so maybe that's the way he liked to work.
I'm surprised, in all these years, no enterprising Spanish publisher has asked Romero to bring the Supercats back, but then I'm surprised there isn't a ' best of ' as well. Back to scrawling round the net then...


  1. Tell you what, I had never seen these before until about 6 months ago when I bought the first 3 issues. I was gobsmacked at the quality. There's one page, in #2 I think where I thought...'So....this was for...Girls'? This could so easily have been spruced up and put in 2000AD or untouched and put in Tornado!! It's utterly superb, some of the Supercats covers are outstanding and high on my wants list. I see Axa is getting some ebay love at the moment. The comics seem tough in nice shape.
    More of this please. You haven't got any late 60's early 70's Romeo have you? Those are stellar.

  2. I actually read Supercats avidly at the time, as my next door neighbour Debbie Little ( Hi Debs! ) bought Spellbound every week.
    I wish I had more to post, but I liberated this particular stuff ( if memory serves ) from a great site called Sequential Crush which is full of brilliant girls' comics.
    I've got all of Axa, and in fact have the origin tale in drafts ready to post, but if people want to see more, of course always happy to put Romero up there.
    Don't have anything earlier though alas...

  3. Sequential Crush is a great site. I've found that Romeo, the comic not the artist, it wasn't a typo :) has some amazing stuff by Spanish artists, as do some of the Romance picture libraries. The problem is that it's so hit and miss as to what you're going to get in each issue. The 70's Charlton books are the same, most of the art is pedestrian at best with nice covers. I bought a couple of the Axa squarebound collections but find the printing lacking. I would love to see some scans of the actual newspaper cuttings. I used to have stacks of those. BTW where did you find the 1st pic of Supercats?

  4. I think it must've been one of those original art sites, but don't remember which one, sorry.
    My Axa's are also the Ken Pierce books, and not the original clippings sadly, but hey, any Axa is better than none.

  5. Check out 'For The Love Leni' on this page! Am I really going to start searching for a high grade 1979 Diana Annual??

  6. Yeh, great strip, seen that before