Friday, 9 January 2015

Marvel Classics Comics: The Time Machine

Marvel Classics Comics were never on the must-buy list, more seen generally as not being ' real ' Marvel, in much the same way that their movie adaptations were.
Marvel had spent so long building up a cohesive universe for their costumed cut-ups to cavort around in, that anything outside of that world was seen, by us anyway, as inferior goods.

I just remember being bemused by Marvel Classics Comics, like ' Why are they doing that? ' although having said that, I read and re-read the Tom Sawyer one till the cover fell off. Plus they were a bit thicker than the average comic, so that felt a bit special, and of course Gil Kane did most of the covers so you could at least pretend that what you were buying was the real thing.

Anyway, I was of course a dumb kid, and there's some real gems in this series. Like this one, The Time Machine adapted by Otto Binder and Alex Nino.
It's not entirely successful, with Binder talking down to the kids quite a bit, and Nino being forced to reign in his natural insanity so as not to scare the children ( or more likely, the parents )
But the 1960 film by George Pal is something me and my dad will watch every time it's on, so any version of this story is always welcome.


  1. Very apt post Pete,seeing that Rod Taylor died today. I have this issue! There were some real gems,especially that Tom Sawyer issue and I seem to remember White Fang and Dracula. Good post:)

  2. Comic adaptations of classics generally seemed a bit dull when I was a kid - maybe because they tried too hard to follow an educational brief - but this was definitely an exception. Nino's artwork may be toned down, but its still utterly distinctive. Thanks for posting.

    And Dracula was pretty good too, mainly due to artwork by the always impressive Nestor Redondo. Those Phillipinos, eh?


  3. Will definitely be posting Tom Sawyer ( which we ALL read, Dave ) and Dracula - Two exceptional adaptations. Glad I wasn't the only one who read this stuff.
    And by the way, sorry to hear the mighty Rod Taylor passed. Genuinely, every time it's on ( usually on a Sunday ) The Old Man will go: ' It's The Time Machine! We've seen this a million times! ' Then insist on watching the whole thing. Hey, that's what Dad's do...

  4. I bought a collection awhile ago which included a run of these. This Nino issue I have always wanted but I was surprised by the choice of text style. It's really blocky and ugly, cheap I guess.

  5. Although he had a good innings ( as they say )it's still sad news about Rod Taylor. He was a proper, square-jawed hero in The Time Machine and was also great in The Birds - two of my favourite '60s films