Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Garth: The Doomsmen

Just realized I've yet to post a whole adventure of Britain's greatest superhero Garth. Well, let's remedy that right now. From 1975, here's the legendary Frank Bellamy with The Doomsmen, a story I'm guessing was heavily inspired by that old Avengers TV episode The Cybernauts, if anyone remembers that.
As well as Superman & Conan, the big fella is also a little bit James Bond, what with his flat in London, house in the country, and swinging '70's sportscar. Why then is he here attending a dusty lecture hall with old friend Prof. Lumiere, when he'd obviously much rather be at a Soho nightclub? Well, that's just the kind of pal Garth is.
I mean, it's not like anything untoward is going to happen, is it?


  1. Great stuff!

  2. I ve never read a whole Garth strip (until now) as I think it appeared in the UK national paper the Daily Mirror in Scotland we had the Daily Record ( we had the Mirror as well but Scottish papers always outsold UK titles by a large margin here) which didn't have this strip - great to see it here its looks amazing I missed out on a great strip and character .

  3. You sure did, Paul, when is somebody do some Garth trades already?

  4. Garth trades? More to the point, when is someone going to do a proper book on Bellamy? Or just reprint some of his amazing colour work in an affordable format.
    I mean, the Garth strips are really good and deserve to be available, but somehow it doesn't seem right that they're much better known than, say, Heros the Spartan. Anyway, rant over... and thanks for posting.


  5. I have a Titan collection and a softback Annual format book as well. I really should find time to read them they look great.