Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Superman Annual No.1

Here's a trio of great Supes stories originally seen over here in the above yuletide British DC annual, from the period where you might've as well just've gone the whole hog and got Steve Gerber to write Superman, considering how all-out weird the stories were.
I mean, the Cerebro-Helmet? That energy vampire? Not to mention Superman dissolving into ' primitive protoplasm ' and being transfused into a 'bio-copy' of himself. 
Maybe it's me, but there's some really unsettling imagery in this story, especially for a little kid reading it on Christmas day...

And this one, Requiem For A Hot Rod, is a piece of nonsense really, but totally charming, as Clark ( in a pink zoot suit no less ) takes on that scourge of the '70's, drag strip chicken racing, and Lois behaves like a total idiot as usual. Nothing Yuletide-y about either story, but for British fans of my age, absolutely synonymous with reading them on Christmas morning.

And to close this 1972 Super-treat, there was this absolute belter. Again, not even remotely Christmassy, but as weird and wrong-headed as you like.

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  1. This is great stuff, Pete! I've still got a copy of this annual and I've loved these stories since I was a little kid. And, just like you, I've found that images from these wonderful stories are imprinted in my brain even now, decades later, in a way that more recent stuff could never be...