Monday, 22 December 2014

Have A Kung Fu Christmas

So before we all close up shop for the season, here's the greatest Christmas song ever, and one which you sadly won't be hearing in between Slade & Shakin' Stevens any time this year. From The National Lampoon's seminal 1975 Good-Bye Pop album, it's Kung Fu Christmas.

And here's not only a Kung Fu, but a Blaxploitation Christmas story, with the first meeting of ace Bronze Age double act Power Man & Iron Fist. 
Ok, technically this tale takes place on New Years Eve, but a) It's still snowing and b) I'm betting Luke's been celebrating all damn week. This is early John Byrne at his best, and if it's also full of Chris Claremont's patented writer's tic's ( like Iron Fist verbalizing every single thought that enters his head ), well, it is the season of good will to all men. Let's give Chris a break.
Wherever you'll be this yuletide, whatever you'll be doing, enjoy and have an absolutely Kung Fu Christmas.


  1. Have a great Christmas I have really enjoyed this blog over the last year even although I have not always had the time to comment on most postings (work and life getting in the way of important stuff) - All the best for 2015 and as we say up here "Lang my yer lum reek"

  2. Sweet Christmas! Very much enjoyed reading this one again, stylistic tics included - thanks.


  3. Great post - that is indeed a great song. I'd never heard it before, so thanks for that.

    As for PM & IF, I loved that series, although unfortunately I only became a regular reader soon after this particular issue. I actually drawn to it when Misty and Colleen (and even Luke once) kept making appearances in the X-men.

    Anyway, enjoy the holidays...

  4. Love that old Byrne artwork. Back then he could make any book come to life! I'd like to echo those last sentiments,your blog has been a real pleasure to read and keeps me in touch with my comic collecting community (how's that for alliteration!) Have a great Christmas Pete:)

  5. loved John Byrne's Iron Fist stuff. I remember the one where the Post Office Tower got blown up with particular fondness.

    matey, I don't do much in the way of comments, but I'm always lurking about. & the hits keep on a-coming.

    have a cracking good Christmas, old chap!

  6. Ditto Joe & everybody else. BTW Dave, disappointing haul in Cardiff the other week, I'm afraid. Carmine Infantino fan had nothing new in so had to spend my money at FP!

  7. Sorry to hear that Pete. We'll have to make up for it at a London Con next year:)

  8. Your post if this issue is missing a page---page 27, to be exact! I've read this story before and page 27 is the page that shows how Iron Fist survived his fall.