Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Fast Willie Jackson

Christmas! How can you go through your comic reading life not knowing something like Fast Willie Jackson existed in the '70's? Like I don't have enough comics to talk about on this here blog, but I found this on various websites, and had to share it. A blaxploitation Archie? Are you kidding me?  You can't get any more Bronze Age.

Fast Willie Jackson lasted just 7 groovetastic issues in 1977 and was published by the forgotten Fitzgerald Publications.
As you'll see from the cast picture above, not only did it star black Archie Willie, but a Huggy Bear-like pimp character, Howard Chaykin's Reuben Flagg as 'The Man', and even a black militant named Jabar.
But is it a Baad comic, or just a bad one?

Yeah, that is kinda bland, I guess. The scripts, by publisher Bertram Fitzgerald do apparently hit that unfunny groove more often than not, but the art by 'Gus Lemoine' ( allegedly Archie artist Henry Scarpelli ) is sweeter than a sweet sister.
And Jabar seems to have wandered in from another comic entirely:

What?? Way to shoehorn the history of slavery into a one page gag!
Anyway, I dunno about you, but I don't care if Fast Willie Jackson is a good comic or not. I'm just glad it existed, and I now want the full set, mama!

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